This is not a book about disruption

It may come in the shape of a book, but it’s actually a tool. We have seen highly reputable companies struggle with the changing world around them, knowing they had to do something with “digital” and then getting stuck. We have also seen businesses thrive in the digital era as they started playing by the new rules. Our step-by-step process will not only explain these new rules, it will put you to work and make you develop your own strategy and action plans for the digital age. From the “what” to the “how” to “getting it done”, this book is your practical guide to growth in the age of disruption.

What you'll get:

  • A step-by-step process on how to turn disruption into growth
  • Practical frameworks and tools to help you in each step
  • Inspiring cases from start-ups and multinationals
  • Real-life accounts from business leaders
  • Access to an online community where you’ll find additional tools and inspiration

Based on the successful Disruption=Growth program

‘Disruption=Growth, how to lead in a Disruptive age’ is the written follow-up of our highly successful Disruption=Growth 2-day Executive Programs (CEOs & Senior Executives) and 1-day Masterclasses (broader audience). Disruption=Growth aims to share the extensive experience of SparkOptimus across industries combined with practical insights in a unique interactive format.

Introducing the 5D Model

The 5D model helps you turn disruption into growth. It is a step-by-step approach to transformation, from awareness to implementation.


Discover the most important disruptive trends and the effect on your USPs


Define your vision with real impact on consumer, organisation and society


Translate your vision in requirements for organisation, operation, technology and business


Create a concrete roll-out plan and carry it out in agile fashion as continuously learning organisation


Become a change leader and involve and enthuse your stakeholders


Participants of the Disruption=Growth Executive program had the following to say


"I've gained many practical insights and a renewed energy to set bold targets for our own disruptive strategy. The optimization-transformation-disruption model resonates extremely well"
Jan van Bon
President Western Europe JDE
"After this experience with Disruption=Growth I've become much more optimistic about disruption. It's not just a threat, but we really can turn it into growth if we put ourselves to it."
Frans Woelders
CEO Retail Banking ABN Amro

"It is very valuable and exciting to see everyone is going through the same journey. Disruption=Growth was extremely useful. "
Marjan Rintel
COO Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch National Railways)

About the Authors

Alexandra Jankovich

Alexandra has international experience in supporting and accomplishing digital growth and transformation with leading companies around the world. In the past, she worked at McKinsey & Company, fulfilled key roles in driving Reed Elsevier’s digital business, and was Managing Director of Now, she works closely with companies on board level to define value creation & drive change in their industry, as well as implementing the financial, organizational and operational consequences to make this happen.

Tom Voskes

Tom has an unrivalled track record in helping clients with thought leadership on changing business structures. He has a close working relationship with numerous CEOs among e-commerce pure players, in retail & consumer goods, Private Equity, and in B2B businesses across Europe and the US. With experience at Procter & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, and Maxeda, his expertise lies in digital strategy, changing value chain dynamics, organization structure, and digital operational excellence.

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